Hello. I'm Mehdi BHA. a developer and serial maker.

    A tech enthusiast who loves building and launching solid web applications.


    I'm a passionate web developer working from Sousse,Tunisia.

    Hello! I'm Mehdi, a seasoned web developer with a strong passion for front-end development. My coding journey began in 2012 when I created a bot for the game Dofus and crafted websites as a young enthusiast. In 2020, I founded Code Hub, a developer-focused coworking space, and ventured into freelancing on various projects. I later joined Ispeak, a startup dedicated to simplifying language learning, where I've been applying my expertise to make the web more accessible. Outside of my professional work, I'm a dedicated open-source contributor, spending my nights coding for the community. Now a full-time freelancer, I'm committed to delivering top-notch front-end solutions. Let's connect and explore the endless possibilities of front-end web development together. Feel free to reach out for collaborations or to discuss the latest in the tech world.

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